COBB Tuning is excited to announce another update of the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER software, continuing to enhance features and functionality. This release includes several new tables that enhance tuning control, as well as addresses a few known bugs from previous releases. Read on to learn how COBB Tuning is working to keep the AccessPORT and AccessTUNER engine management solution at the forefront of MAZDASPEED tuning.

New Tables
These new tables give additional control of the ECU to both professional and enthusiast tuners.


  • Volumetric Efficiency (VE)(BETA) – This table lets the user fine-tune the efficiency settings of the engine away from OEM volumetric efficiency defaults. Now changes in engine hardware, headwork and manifolds that alter the efficiency of the engine can be accounted for in fueling and load calculations.


  • Ign Global Max (BETA) – This table sets the maximum allowed ignition timing the ECU can attain.


  • Knock Retard – Max Allowed Global (BETA) – Based on community requests, this new table sets the maximum amount of knock induced ignition retardation allowed by the ECU, based on RPM range. This will enable higher knock retard values for additional engine protection.


  • WG Duty Baro Error Comp (Fine)(Load Based) – As another community request, this new table is the alternate to “Load Dynamics” and is referenced when “WG Duty Throttle Close Baro Threshold” is exceeded. Similar to “Boost Error Compensation”. This allows for true Load Tuning of the boost control system.

Tuning Guide
The tuning guide has been updated to version 2.11 to include updated table descriptions. Click here to download the new MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Tuning Guide.

Bug Fixes
As with all complex software, bugs are discovered post release. These are the bug fixes addressed in this release:

  • Removed extra toggle for “Use Abs. Load Target Table (Boost Control)”.
    (2006-07 MS6, 07-09 MS3)
  • Boost Based Gear compensation tables are shifted back to the correct location.
    (2009 MS3)
  • Ignition tables now show correct increments to 2.00 Load.
    (2010-2012 MS3)
  • Idle table fix – Added missing table row.
    (2010-2012 MS3)
  • “Boost Baro Comp” now re-labeled as “WG Duty Throttle Close Baro Threshold (Load Based)” to reflect the properties of the table with Boost Throttle close table.
  • “Load Dynamics” now re-labeled as “WG Duty Load Dynamics (Fine) (Load Based)” to clarify toggle’s influence on table. Table has been moved into the “WG Duty Dynamics” folder.
  • “WG Duty Boost Error Comp” now re-labeled as “(Fine) (Boost Based)” to clarify which tables are affected by toggle.

Acquiring AccessTUNER Update
Existing AccessTUNER users can update their existing software to the latest version following these Step-By-Step Software Update Instructions. If you do not have AccessTUNER Race, fill out the AccessTUNER Race Request Form to receive a download link.

COBB Tuning AccessPORT and AccessTUNER BETA Updates for MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6

COBB Tuning has  just released a new AccessPORT BETA firmware update for 2010-2011 MAZDASPEED3, 2007-2009 MAZDASPEED3 and 2006-2007 MAZDASPEED6 vehicles as well as a BETA update for AccessTUNER Race and AccessTUNER Pro tuning software. These are far reaching changes that include Launch Control and Flat Foot shifting for Gen2 MAZDASPEED3’s, the introduction of Boost Tuning for Gen1 MAZDASPEED3’s and improved datalogging speeds for all MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 vehicles. The details for each vehicle type are shown below:

Launch Control & Flat Foot Shifting (2010-2011 MAZDASPEED3)

Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting features are now ready for beta testing on the Gen2 MAZDASPEED3. The beta firmware includes Stage1 and Stage2 maps for the stock intake and the COBB SF Intake with Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting enabled (using the default rev limiters). These features can be adjusted using the latest version of AccessTUNER Race software. Any Off-The-Shelf map or AccessTUNER Race customized map can be updated to use Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting simply by opening the map in AccessTUNER Race or greater, resaving the map and then flashing the map to your ECU. Pro tuned maps must be updated by a Pro Tuner using AccessTUNER Pro or greater at this time.

Boost Target Tuning Logic (2007-2011 MAZDASPEED3 and 2006-2007 MAZDASPEED6)

COBB Tuning’s proprietary Boost Target Tuning Logic offers more consistent boost control for better performance in all gears compared to Mazda’s Load Target boost control. AccessTUNER software updates  several boost control table changes and all new wastegate tables to allow even more refined Boost Target tuning control. Any Off-The-Shelf map or AccessTUNER Race customized map can be updated to use Boost Target logic via AccessTUNER Race or greater. Pro tuned maps must be updated by a Pro Tuner using AccessTUNER Pro or greater at this time.

Boost Target (BT) maps for Gen1 MAZDASPEED3 vehicles with stock or COBB SF Intakes are included in this firmware release. Off-The-Shelf beta maps for several other Gen1 MAZDASPEED3 intakes are openly available for download and evaluation at

MAZDASPEED6 Off-The-Shelf BT maps are still being developed in a closed beta test and will be made available once testing is complete. While the latest AccessTUNER Race is able to create Boost Target maps for MAZDASPEED6 vehicles, it should be noted that converting a Load Target map to Boost Target map requires significant tuning changes and should only be attempted by experienced tuners. Off-The-Shelf BT maps will be available for MAZDASPEED6 vehicles soon and will make the transition from Load Target to Boost Target tuning as easy as pushing a button.

Improved Data Logging Rates (2007-2011 MAZDASPEED3 and 2006-2007 MAZDASPEED6)

Data logging rates have been significantly improved for V2 and V2B AccessPORTs using the default data logging list. MAF Voltage, Intake Valve Adv. and Intake Temp have been added to the default data logging list. The beta firmware includes Stage1 and Stage2 maps for the stock intake and the COBB SF Intake with Fast Data Logging compatible maps. Any Off-The-Shelf map or AccessTUNER Race customized map can be updated to support Fast Data Logging simply by opening the map in AccessTUNER Race or greater, resaving the map and then flash the map to your ECU. Pro tuned maps must be updated by a Pro Tuner using AccessTUNER Pro or greater at this time.

A/C Idle Control Tables (2007-2011 MAZDASPEED3 and 2006-2007 MAZDASPEED6)

AccessTUNER includes two new tables to control engine idle speed to compensate for the air conditioning system.

Improved 3D Table Graphing (2007-2011 MAZDASPEED3 & 2006-2007 MAZDASPEED6)

AccessTUNER includes 3 dimensional table graphing improvements that make the 3D graphs much easier to read and interpret.

Updating your AccessPORT, AccessTUNER Race and Calibrations

To obtain these new updates for your AccessPORT, simply download AccessPORT Manager from our Support Page, install the program, connect your AccessPORT to your computer via the supplied USB cable, start the program and ensure your AccessPORT is communicating properly. To start the BETA update procedure, navigate to the “Options” menu and then select “Check for BETA Firmware”. Then navigate to the “Updates” menu and follow the prompts. The new features will be installed automatically. This new firmware update is only compatible with the latest BETA map versions v107 for 2006-2007 MS6 and version BTv102 for 2007-2011 MS3.

If you wish to use an older map or a map that was created with AccessTUNER Race, obtain AccessTUNER Race version or greater and resave your map, then flash it to your car. Using this firmware version with older mapping will cause datalogging and live data errors. Maps created with AccessTUNER Pro will need to be updated by your tuner with AccessTUNER Pro version or later.

To obtain AccessTUNER Race, fill out and submit the survey on our AccessTUNER Race Request Page. If you already have a current copy of AccessTUNER Race with the autoupdate feature, simply select “Help” -> “Updates” -> “Check for updates.” Make sure the “check for BETA version” box is selected and the software will update automatically. Even if you download a new version of AccessTUNER Race, it will still need to be updated to the BETA version to use these new features.

More information regarding all of these updates can be found in the MAZDASPEED AccessPORT Firmware Release Notes and the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Software Release Notes.

For more information on how the AccessPORT can improve your MAZDASPEED experience, please visit our Product Information Page, visit the COBB Tuning Forums or call us at 866-922-3059. To join in on the COBB Tuning conversation, head over to our COBB Tuning Facebook page and click the LIKE button to stay plugged in, or follow us on Twitter.

COBB Tuning SF Intake System for MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 Now Available in Stealth Black!

COBB Tuning’s popular SF intake System is now available in “Stealth Black” silicone for those looking for a more sleeper look in their engine bay. The SF intake system is an easy-to-install short ram intake that unlocks the power of your MAZDASPEED3 or MAZDASPEED6. Previously only available in COBB Blue, the SF intake for MAZDASPEED vehicles is now available with both Stealth Black and COBB Blue silicone elbows.

The COBB Tuning SF Intake with Stealth Black silicone is now available for purchase from COBB with free ground shipping! For more information visit the MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 SF Intake product pages.