Nissan GT-R Rolling Launch – Dyno Testing

We’ve been testing some exciting new features for the GT-R platform!  

With roll-racing events becoming more and more popular, our Rolling Launch feature will allow cars to build boost while maintaining a constant speed.  With the release of a button, full power is on tap!

Check out this quick video of our GT-R Experts testing this new feature on our in-house dyno!



Subaru Tuning – A Quick Look into Boost Creep


Boost creep is something we tend to address quite a bit during the winter months.  Below we will go over the causes of boost creep, why you should be aware of it, and solutions to keep your boost levels in check.

Boost creep is defined as a condition of rising boost levels past what the predetermined level has been set at.   For example, if your target boost level is 15psi, you would see the boost levels increase beyond that as RPMs increase.  The short explanation for boost creep is that the wastegate is not able to flow enough air to bypass the turbocharger’s turbine housing.  When the volume of air flowing through the turbine housing continues to increase, boost will also continue to increase.  Boost creep is most commonly observed in areas that have very low ambient temperatures as well as high atmospheric pressure.  This often encompasses those in the Pacific Northwest as well as New England and East Coast.


Boost creep is undesirable for a number of reasons.  When a car exhibits a large amount of boost creep it makes controlling the boost level next to impossible for a tuner.  A car that is on the edge can exhibit highly variable boost response under different environmental conditions.  For instance, if you have your car tuned during warmer months, the change in weather going into winter may be enough to cause a significant increase in boost.  Once the flow limit of the wastegate has been reached, exhaust gas back pressure will increase.  This is very inefficient and will cause temperatures to increase and introduce more detonation-prone conditions.

Boost Creep is not a condition that can be corrected solely by making tuning changes as it is a mechanical limitation.  The two easiest ways to address boost creep are to either port the wastegate housing of the turbocharger in order to allow it to flow more air or to switch to an external wastegate style uppipe.

If you’re looking for answers to other tuning related questions, head over to our Knowledge Base!

BMW AccessPORT v4.02 Beta Maps Available – Boost Oscillation Fix

COBB Tuning has just released a new BMW N54 AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf Map revision that addresses the boost oscillation some users have experienced. These new v4.02 Beta maps have been used by alpha testers and have been shown to eliminate boost oscillation and produce very smooth power delivery. The new v4.02 maps are available immediately for download in the BMW AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf Map Database.

This boost oscillation was noticeable in some vehicles with Stage1+ and Stage2+ modifications. Data logs of this scenario show repeated boost oscillations above and below the target boost the ECU is attempting to achieve. Changes in tuning strategy have been found to eliminate this issue and these changes have been incorporated into all Stage1+ and Stage2+ v4.02 Beta Maps.

Similar to the v4.01 Beta maps, the v4.02 maps will stay in Beta while we collect end-user feedback from the community. Once widespread user feedback is confirmed, the maps will be promoted to General Release and will supersede v3.01 maps.

Please send map performance feedback to For instructions on downloading and transferring these new v4.02 Beta maps to your AccessPORT, please see our Step-By-Step Map Download and Transfer Guide.

If you have any questions about the AccessPORT and AccessTUNER, or any other COBB Tuning products, please call us at 866-922-3059. Get up-to-date product announcements, sneak-peeks of upcoming products, and the latest COBB Tuning news through our COBB Tuning Mailing List. You can always be a part of the latest conversations with COBB Tuning by tuning in to our and pages.

MAZDASPEED3 FMIC v2.0 Retrofit Kit

COBB Tuning announces the immediate availability of the first generation MAZDASPEED3 Front Mount Intercooler v2.0 Retrofit Kit. This retrofit kit includes all FMIC v2.0 components except for the intercooler core, allowing owners of the original COBB FMIC kit to upgrade to the latest versions of boost tubes, silicone couplers, clamps and brackets. This revised layout provides more clearance for the frame rails, bumper beam and oil lines allowing for easier installation and less chance of contact between the chassis and kit components.

The COBB Tuning FMIC v2.0 Retrofit Kit features 2.5-inch powder-coated charge tubes with blue 5-ply silicone couplers with T-bolt clamps plus everything you need for a simple and painless installation. Just like the full COBB Tuning intercooler kit, this retrofit kit comes with the COBB Tuning lightened shifter Lose Weight Exercise for improved fitment and more precise shifting feel.

The COBB Tuning FMIC v2.0 Retrofit Kit for the MAZDASPEED3 is available now for purchase from COBB with free ground shipping.

  • 2.5″ aluminum tubing powder coated dark gray.
  • Piping has been revised so that it does not interfere with the frame rail, bumper beam and oil lines.
  • 5-ply blue silicone couplers.
  • Stainless steel t-bolt clamps.
  • Powder coated black mounting and power steering cooler relocation brackets.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Will work with stock BPV or aftermarket BPV that is stock style fitment.
  • Retains the stock bumper beam and does not require cutting the bumper beam.
  • Under tray can be reinstalled with no modifications.
  • Does not require disconnecting of the power steering lines.
  • New shift Lose Weight Exercise that is 0.66 lbs less than stock which improves the shift feel and allows for more pipe clearance.

COBB Tuning EVO X Intercooler Hardpipe Kit, Make Your EVOX Engine Bay Hard!

Add power, responsiveness and great looks to your EVO X GSR, MR or MRT with the newly revised COBB EVO X Intercooler Hard-Pipe Kit. This kit replaces all of the flaccid stock rubber hoses with rock hard aluminum piping that gets you to full boost faster and keeps you there. The stock rubber boost hoses flex and expand as you lay into the throttle, increasing the time it takes to get to full boost. The larger diameter aluminum pipes in this kit eliminate flex and improve flow, improving responsiveness and power production.

The COBB EVO X Intercooler Hard-Pipe kit is a complete kit that replaces the stock upper and lower intercooler hoses as well as the bypass valve hose with mandrel-bent, single-piece non-welded aluminum pipes. These single piece pipes eliminate the need for unsightly mid-pipe hose couplers, have smooth interiors unblemished by welds for ultimate flow and look great. The unique COBB logo bridge secures the upper-pipe to the bypass valve pipe with removable fasteners and make a striking statement in your engine bay. The kit comes in Gunmetal Gray or Stealth Black powder-coat finishes with COBB Blue silicone hose couplers that give your engine bay that high-performance look with a durable, scratch-resistant finish!

Add the COBB EVO X Turbo Inlet Hose and SF Intake for the complete COBB Tuning intake package. Add power, reliability and style to your EVO X with COBB Tuning intake components. Download COBB AccessPORT Off-the-Shelf calibrations from our EVO X AccessPORT Map Database to perfectly compliment all COBB Tuning performance components!