COBB AccessPORT for the 2011 BMW 135, 335i and 335xi

COBB is extremely happy to announce the release of the AccessPORT for the N55 powered 2011 BMW 135, 335i and 335xi. We have been cranking extremely hard to get this out – with our best engineers working on making this a terrific product.

This is a Beta release – which means that although the support and tuning are 100% complete and, frankly, bad ass – we don’t support every single ROM on the road right now. As most of you know (but your friends might not), a ROM is an individual calibration file that makes small tweaks to the Engine Control Unit from the factory. Usually these changes are small and completely imperceptible to the consumer – however, we always want to support the latest the OEM has to offer so that all of the safety and reliability that BMW engineers into its vehicles stay there. It takes more work to do it this way – but we think it’s best for you and your car.

As such, during this Beta release of the AccessPORT, it is expected that several customers will need to send in the ROM data collected by the AccessPORT before the installation can be completed. Typically, new ROM support can be added in only 3-5 business days and is as simple as emailing your ROM information, and then completing an AccessPORT update on your home computer. As we collect more ROMs, the chance of having an unsupported ECU software revision goes down significantly and the sooner you can enjoy the added power!

The AP-BMW-002 will come pre-loaded with Stage 1 Sport and Stage 1 Aggressive power maps, as well as a Stage 0 map and Valet mode for reduced power when needed. Using the Aggressive map, you can expect an 11% increase in peak HP and a 25% increase in peak torque. The area under the curved is also massively increased with maximum power gains near 18% in HP and 26% in torque. Stay tuned for more maps (Stage 1+COBB FMIC) and updates coming soon as N55 development continues! Click the link below for more information and to get yours now!

BMW N55 AccessPORT: AP-BMW-002


  1. TG says

    Hi, I was wondering if this will also work for the BMW X1 xDrive35i which also uses the N55. And as a side question, are you planning to develop anything for the X1 xDrive28i/N20 engine?

  2. Ian says

    We don’t have X1 support right now, but it’s something we hope to investigate! The same news with the N20 as well ;)


  3. Mike says

    I have the BMW PPK (software only); will the AP install with this? If the AP isuninstalled will the PPK be recovered?

  4. MIke says

    I currently own a 2007 BMW 335xi and an AP-BMW-01. I plan to trade this vehicle in for a CPO (certified Pre-Owned) 2011 335 x-drive. Question, will the AP-BMW-01 work with the N55 maps or will I be required to purchase a new AP?

  5. matthew wasilewski says

    Hi, I have always used your products for my 07 STI, and have loved the accessport. What a great tool. I recently bought a 2013 N55 135i. i see you now have an accessport for the 2011 n55. What is the difference with the model years of the N55 that do not allow the 2011 accessport to work on a 2012-2013, and are you going to release one for current model year cars anytime soon? Thanks


  6. Ian says

    The 2012 135i uses some different ECU programming. We are currently investigating supporting that car, so hopefully we will have updates soon!


  7. Ian says

    The N55 car requires a different part number AP: AP-BMW-002 due to the different ECU and engine set up. Typically the AP is pretty easy to sell, so you could do that on a local forum and then get the proper one for your car.


  8. Ian says

    Yes! The Accessport will be able to install over the PPK and save it as your factory data to be placed back on the ECU.


  9. Eric Metaxas says

    Hi there, I have a late 2010 335i (N55), will the recently released AP-BMW-002 work for the Australian model? Also, we have 95 and 98 Octane fuel, is there any problem using the higher 95 octane fuel? Thanks.

  10. Ian says

    Right now we only support the US models with the N55. But, world support will be available soon after the full release!


  11. Cordell Esplin says

    I have a 2013 BMW 135i. When can I hope for a port to be released?

    Cordell Esplin

  12. Sean says

    Lookin to get a Cobb for my 08 335xi … I’m @ 17.1 mpg what map do I use to up the mpg an how much of an increase? Headed on a 2,000 mile trip so it may be worth it

  13. Ian says

    The biggest variance in MPG is how much you use your right foot! On the freeway, both the stock and our map will try to be efficient as possible, so the differences would probably be minimal in a case like that.


  14. Marshall says

    Not yet, we’re still working on development for BMWs new DME for the 2012+ cars. Once that is complete we should be able to support a host of vehicles.

    – Marshall@COBB

  15. Marshall says

    We are currently investigating support for the F-chassis BMWs. Unfortunately I do not have any information as to when or if we will support those vehicles. – Marshall@COBB

  16. Roman says

    Good day!
    I am interested in supporting Cobb BMW X5 35I N55? Year 2010! Maybe updated firmware in the BMW service!
    Do you have a solution?

  17. Jesse says


    Any updates for the BMW 335i N55 F30 chassis for software tuning? If needed I can help with being a tester for whatever you have.


  18. Marshall says


    We are currently not actively working on support for the F10/F30 chassis BMWs. Sorry for the bad news!


  19. Ozzie says

    2011 335i, with Pure Turbos Stage 1, and Dinan Stage 3 tune. Can I overlay Cobb tunes over the Dinan, and remove it when time for dealer maintenance, without affecting the Dinan tune?

  20. Marshall says

    Ozzie, we are able to save some of the Dinan flashes during installation – it depends on how the ROM was generated. A Dinan flash that was created off of a stock base ROM should be able to be saved as normal, however if the flash was created off of a non-stock ROM file the Accessport will not save it. You will be able to tell during installation as a warning will be displayed for “possible loss of data” if the Accessport is unable to save the file that is currently on the DME. You would have the option to cancel out at that time.


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