2011 Subaru STI 12.4 sec. ¼ Mile using COBB OTS Maps!

10 years ago, Darius lined up his 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 with a shot of nitrous and some bolt-ons to pull a 14.37 at 96.9 MPH. Since then, he’s been hooked on drag racing with a variety of cars and recently ran a 12.42 at 109.4 MPH using only a 2011 Subaru STI Sedan with help from a COBB Downpipe, a COBB SF Intake and Airbox, and a COBB AccessPORT running off-the-shelf (OTS) Stage 2+SF mapping.

Time Slip

After setting the record for the fastest stock turbo, manual transmission diesel truck in his 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax Diesel, Darius decided a 2011 STI sedan was the perfect comprise of speed and comfort. He missed his old 2005 STi and couldn’t pass up a fast 4 door that featured Bluetooth, heated seats, and integrated iPod controls. To make his fast 4 door even faster, he opted for a few choice COBB parts. The AccessPORT with datalogging and preloaded maps for various modifications made tuning easy, the SF Intake added some power and sounded great, and the used COBB Downpipe mated up to the stock exhaust perfectly.

Engine Bay

With just $1200 spent on modifications and some excellent driving, Darius was able to run a 12.42 at 109.44 MPH with a 1.686 60′ time. And to prove it was no fluke, he followed it up with a 12.44. Next season, Darius hopes a few more modifications, some custom tuning, and experimentation with the Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting features built-in to the AccessPORT will get him down to the 11 second range.

If you’d like to learn more about the AccessPORT, the COBB SF Intake, the COBB Downpipe, or any of our other products, just visit www.COBBtuning.com.

Darius STI


  1. Sam says

    Thanks for info. Im running stg 1 and have everything needed for stg 2 but the down pipe. After readin this i know what i meed ;) launch control is easy to use.. That and a better r/t would got him cliser to 12flat. The FFS mode is weird, i still need learn it myself

  2. Stuart says

    His reaction time has nothing to do with his ET. Cutting a better light would not get him any closer to a 12 flat.

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