AccessTUNER for MAZDASPEED Gets Expanded Boost Tuning, LC/FFS, Faster Data Logging, Improved Graphing and New Table Enhancements

COBB Tuning announces the latest version of AccessTUNER for all MAZDASPEED vehicles offering significant enhancements. This new version of AccessTUNER incorporates COBB Tuning’s proprietary Boost Tuning capability for 1st and 2nd Gen MAZDASPEED3s, Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting for 2nd Gen (2010-2011) MAZDASPEED3s, as well as Fast Data Logging, improved 3D Graphing and many new tables for all MAZDASPEEDs!

Boost Tuning

AccessTUNER has been extensively updated to give MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER users greater control over boost control. Our latest Boost Tuning logic is now available for all 2007-2011 MAZDASPEED3 vehicles, allowing users to use this new boost control strategy on any calibration created with AccessTUNER. All previously released BETA Wastegate and Boost Control tables have been upgraded to final release as well. For a complete list of new and previously released tables, visit the AccessTUNER Update History page.

COBB Tuning has also just released a huge number of maps featuring calibrations for the most popular intakes and bolt-on parts for the 2007-2009 MAZDASPEED3 with Boost Tuning already enabled that can be used as base maps for custom calibrations. For a complete list of calibrations visit the 2007-2009 MAZDASPEED3 or 2010-2011 MAZDASPEED3 Online Map Databases.

A new V2.0 Tuning Guide is also included to assist users in tuning using the new Boost target logic.

Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting

Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting has been enabled for 2nd Gen (2010-2011) MAZDASPEED3 vehicles with this release, bringing these popular features to the entire MAZDASPEED line-up. All MS3 v2.00 and MS6 v1.07 COBB Tuning Off The Shelf calibrations are LC/FFS-ready.  Launch Control limits engine RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistency. Flat-Foot Shift allows the user to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

The recent release enables Launch Control and Flat Foot shifting on 2nd Gen MAZDASPEED3’s and sets the limits at the factory rev limiter. This release of AccessTUNER software allows the Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting limiters to be adjusted and saved in the map.

Fast Data Logging

This update also includes Fast Data Logging for all MAZDASPEED AccessPORTs. Faster datalogging means more resolution in data logs, allowing users to see how the engine is behaving during high-speed and high-load conditions in greater detail. The Fast Data Logging feature is built into the latest maps for the MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 are available now for download. This feature applies to both v2 and v2b AccessPORTs.

Improved 3D Graphing

MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER software has received a 3D graphing facelift in the latest release. Both solid and wire 3D graphing styles have been improved. Solid 3D graphing is enhanced with a grid overlay and more intuitive color gradient. Wire 3D graphing is improved with finer wire drawing and higher contrast colors that are easier to view.

Here are some before and after examples of 3D graphing in the AccessTUNER software:

Post FFS Lean Condition and WOT Stutter Fixes for MAZDASPEED Vehicles

New fueling tables allow the users that are experiencing a lean condition following FFS (MAZDASPEED3/6) and the WOT Stutter (MAZDASPEED6) to make adjustments in these tables and resolve these issues. The following tables can be used to tune out this momentary lack of fuel to fix both the lean condition and the associated misfire or stutter:

  • Ignition Timing Limit (Min) (Throttle Closed) – Set this value between -4 and -2 for best results.
  • Ignition Timing Limit (Min) (Throttle Open) – Set this value between -4 and -2 for best results.
  • Load Based Fuel Compensation (Clutch In) – Set all values to 1.0.
  • Load Based Fuel Compensation (Clutch Out) – Set all values to 1.0.
  • Load/RPM Based Fuel Compensation (Clutch In) – Set all values to 1.0.
  • Load/RPM Based Fuel Compensation (Clutch Out) – Set all values to 1.0.

Additional table exposure and fixes:

  • Added “Fuel OL Commanded EQ (base)”.
  • Added “Fuel Commanded EQ Max Enrichment Allowed”.
  • Renamed “Fuel OL/Part Throttle Commanded EQ(unused)” to “Fuel OL Commanded EQ(Throttle Closed)”.

The new MAZDASPEED3 v2.00 calibrations do not have these fixes implemented in them, the next round of calibrations will include these by default. The upcoming MAZDASPEED6 v2.00 calibrations will have this fix implemented.

Expanded Table Definitions

AccessTUNER Race has been expanded with more tables for better fueling, ignition and idle control. In addition, High Pressure Fuel Pump tables have been added that will allow users to scale the fuel pressure sensor allowing for the installation of very high-flow pumps. These new tables allow AccessTUNER users unprecedented control over their vehicles enabling unparalleled exploitation of “Big Turbo” setups and potentially, bio-fuel tunes. To see the entire list of table updated, visit the AccessTUNER Release Notes History.

Compatibility Update

An incompatibility exists between previous versions of our maps and the latest AccessPORT firmware release for the MAZDASPEED vehicles, which will lead to improper readings through the AccessPORT’s Live Data and/or Data Log features. In order to resolve this issue, please be sure to follow the steps below for the scenario that most closely matches your situation. To use these latest calibrations your AccessPORT must be updated to Firmware Version or later.

If you are using calibrations made with older versions of AccessTUNER or wish to use an older Off The Shelf calibration please update your calibrations using the following steps. Please be sure to download and install the latest version of AccessPORT Manager 2.0 before following any of the steps listed. Maps must be open and saved with AccessTUNER version or later to resolve compatibility issues.

* Updating when utilizing the latest Off-The-Shelf (OTS) calibrations

  1. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  2. Download the latest OTS maps
  3. Transfer new maps to AccessPORT
  4. Reflash vehicle with a newly downloaded map

* Updating when utilizing an AccessTUNER Race custom tune or old revision OTS calibration

  1. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  2. Request and download the latest version of AccessTUNER Race (if necessary)
  3. Open and resave your custom/old revision calibration through AccessTUNER Race version or later
  4. Transfer resaved map to AccessPORT
  5. Reflash vehicle with resaved map

* Updating when utilizing an AccessTUNER Pro custom tune

  1. Contact your professional tuner to request that your map be resaved
  2. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  3. Transfer newly saved map to AccessPORT
  4. Reflash vehicle with newly saved map

We would like to stress that if you are using an old version of one of our OTS calibrations or an AccessTUNER Race custom tune with a new AccessPORT firmware revision, you can resolve this Data Log/Live Data issue by re-saving your map through the latest version of AccessTUNER Race, then flashing the newly saved map to your vehicle.

For a complete listing of new tables and features, please visit the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Release Notes History page. Additional help documents can be found on the COBB Tuning Forums or visit the AccessTUNER Tuning Guide.

For more information on AccessTUNER or to download your copy of AccessTUNER Race, visit our AccessTUNER Race Information Page or go directly to the Download Request Form to get your copy today!

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