Mustang Ecoboost: Baseline Updates

We’ve got some more content coming but here are our initial stock baseline dyno results. All runs were performed with a 5min cool down in between. This is a Mustang MD500-SE load bearing dyno and is using a freshly performed parasitic loss calibration specific to our vehicle.

The OAR (Octane Adjust Ratio Learned) value was verified to be fully learned at a value of -1.0. This is verified to ensure that we are testing with the OEM calibration to provide optimal performance. We would highly recommend verifying this value before ANY dyno test as we’ve seen competitors perform baselines with an OAR of 0.0 which is not an accurate representation of the power the OEM calibration can provide!

The 2015 Mustang Ecoboost AT (Non PP) has a 121mph speed limiter. This prevents 4th gear dyno testing from completing. Additionally, the OEM torque converter calibration does not allow for low RPM WOT conditions. As such, we had to modify the speed limiter and torque converter lockup schedules to allow full sweep testing. No other calibration changes are applied.

Stock Baselines 93oct 4th Gear 2000-6500 Sweep 85F Ambient (HP/TQ/AFR)

Stock Baselines 93oct 4th Gear 2000-6500 Sweep 85F Ambient (HP/TQ/Boost)



What did we learn?
Well for one, a full 4th gear sweep is extremely long and painful for a stock car. The sweep starts at ~30mph and ends at 133mph! During that time a lot is going on. For one, the car is making a phenomenal amount of torque right of the bat at a relatively low boost level. The torque curve is flat as a rock for about 2500rpm, when all hell breaks loose with heat management. This is when the power tanks and you see massive losses. Heat management strategies are in place to protect the engine and are typically a bit overkill due to inaccurate models. We’ll be doing some more research and testing on the validity of the recorded values to help uncork some of the power robbed from these functions.

Some interesting data from the runs:

Boost – Start 13.1psi, Max 20.1psi, Redline 12.56psi
AFR – Great up until overtemp conditions, then sinks as low as 9.9:1!
ECT – Start 191F, End 226.5F
Charge Air Temp – Start 100.1F, End 184F
Oil Temp – Start 189.4F, End 205.2F
Trans Oil Temp – Start 175F, End 194.4F
Ign Timing Correction – Removed up to -2.5 degrees

We’ve got some ideas and strategies that will be going in place to safely extract the hidden potential from this engine. We’ll start first with our Stage1 calibration which is designed to be used with a bone stock car. This is going to be as simple as it gets, jut plug in the Accessport, flash a map and go!

We’ll be posting more information, results, and tech articles in the near future as our research and development progresses. I’m really looking forward to putting this car through its paces and developing exciting new features and calibrations for all of you guys to enjoy!

As always, feel free to ask us questions if you’ve got them!

Mustang EcoBeast Updates!

Picking up the new car in Ohio.


COBB’s latest R&D car is in route to HQ and stopping off at COBB Plano!


Stage .5 – T-Shirt and License Plate frame good for at least 5+whp!


Accessport looks ready to be installed!

APmustang (1)

We can’t wait to get the new Mustang here, seeing what it is capable of, and begin making more power!   This Auto EcoBoost Mustang will arrive Monday and the Manual should get here soon after!

The Mustang is here at our Austin headquarters!  Quick walk around and first impressions:

Didn’t take long to get it on the dyno…

Fresh tint and COBB Vinyl installed


More Mustang Ecoboost photos and details to come!  Stay tuned…

Rolling Boost and Engine Safety features are now available for GT-R!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Rolling Boost and Engine Safety features are now available for CBA cars through your Pro-Tuner!

Rolling Boost:

This feature will allow you to maintain a set vehicle speed while allowing the engine to build a set boost pressure!  This function can be enabled at any speed through the combination of holding the accelerator pedal past the minimum required point (adjustable by your tuner) and holding the cruise control switch in the SET (down) position.

Rolling Boost will use ignition retard to generate boost and the throttles to maintain the target speed.  The driver will keep the throttle depressed (ideally WOT) and then release the cruise control switch to exit Rolling Boost allowing the car to accelerate with immediate boost response.

This feature does NOT use the cruise control system for safety reasons.  Therefore, in order to engage Rolling Boost, the cruise control system must be off!

Note:  Excessive heat is generated while utilizing Rolling Boost mode.  If it is engaged for extended periods of time (over 3-5 seconds at a time), damage to the engine, turbo’s, and/or other components may occur.  It is also advised that a cool down period is observed between Rolling Boost usages (if you are roll racing and enter into the mode for a few seconds and miss-time the launch, it’s not a good idea to immediately re-enter it).

For more details, check out the Rolling Boost Tuning Guide!

Engine Safety:

COBB has created several custom tables that allow your tuner to set conditions on different parameters (fuel pressure, coolant temp, oil temp, STFT, and knock).  If these conditions are met, torque is immediately reduced by modifying the accelerator pedal position or APP input (lifting the throttle to a percentage designated by your tuner).  If Safety mode is entered and throttle is lifted, the condition will be reset when the driver returns the APP to below 5% input.

Fuel Pressure and Safety are two independently enabled and calibrated features.  They can be used together or you can use only Safety if an aftermarket fuel pressure sensor is not installed.

For more details, check out the Engine Safety Tuning Guide!

We are currently working on these features for DBA ECUs so it will be available soon.  An ATR release for these features will be shortly after.

Porsche Testing in Japan with Mitch McKee of COBB!


I am a big proponent of on track testing calibration’s. We want to be sure that right out of the box you guys are getting a calibration that we are 100% with. We did this with the 997.2 Turbo, taking the car to Laguna Seca and winning the Optima Challenge with a car setup by BBI and tuned by Cobb Tuning using the Accessport.

Now for this we wanted to show the Japanese guys what American tuners are capable of! I think we did pretty good

To start off we had 2 cars to test. A 997.1 GT2 and a 997.1 GT3. The GT2 was bone stock even down to the old Michelin’s. The GT3 had some muffler deletes and suspension.

Both were beautiful cars and it really was an honor that the customers let us test them sight unseen. Creft Motorsports is a shop in Yokohama and they were very helpful in getting the cars all setup.

Both cars were faster by a large margin at Fuji Speedway. Fuji speedway may be one of the most beautiful tracks on the planet as far as I am concerned. With Mt. Fuji looming behind the track it makes for beautiful scenery.

Now on to the pics! As soon as I get a little more time I will get the video up as well. ( Be warned I am a much better engineer than photographer!)


Me with Fuji-San checking datalogs after coming in from a quick morning session.

997.1 GT3 AP

This is just because I love these cars so much:

Thanks for looking guys! We have some more content to put up once it is edited!

2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost – COBB R&D is underway!

That’s right! Expect awesome power gains and tons of cool features with the COBB Accessport on your Ecoboost Mustang! Our engineers came right out of the gate and have already put a ton of work into Accesstuner Software and Accessport Firmware!

Check out the video below to see what Braden, our Ford Lead R&D Calibrator has been up to!

Nissan GT-R Rolling Launch – Dyno Testing

We’ve been testing some exciting new features for the GT-R platform!  

With roll-racing events becoming more and more popular, our Rolling Launch feature will allow cars to build boost while maintaining a constant speed.  With the release of a button, full power is on tap!

Check out this quick video of our GT-R Experts testing this new feature on our in-house dyno!



2015 WRX Rev Hang

For 2015, Subaru introduced a completely overhauled WRX!  There are some awesome new changes, like direct injection,  and other changes many aren’t too thrilled about.  Subaru’s new “Rev Hang” logic seems to top the list of complaints.  Luckily though, COBB is hard at work coming up with a solution!

What is Rev Hang?

Typically, when you are in gear and revving high into the RPM range, pressing in the clutch would result in the RPMs quickly falling.  With Rev Hang, the RPM stays constant for a bit and slowly falls.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  However, many car enthusiasts are purists and feel the only inputs the car should be considering, especially when it comes to throttle, come only from the driver.  We tend to agree!

Here’s a quick video of the Rev Hang “Fix” in action:


This does look subtle on video but if you own or have driven a 2015 WRX, you know how big a difference this will make!  Check out the latest v111 maps to try out the fix:  Stay tuned to our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog for the latest!

COBB at Subiefest 2014!

We’ll be heading out to Subiefest next weekend at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA!

Make sure to come by the COBB booth to check out new products and enter in for your chance to win some awesome prizes!

COBB Socal will also be at Subiefest selling all of your favorite COBB parts!!

Subiefest 2014 Flyer 5 Version 3

2015 Mustang Ecoboost is now in the COBB Stable!

That’s right!  With the COBB Accessport on your Ecoboost Mustang, your equestrian skills will immediately jump from broodmare to spirited stallion!  We’re stoked too!  Our engineers came right out of the gate and have already put a ton of work into Accesstuner Software and Accessport Firmware!  We have two vehicles on order – a manual and an auto both with the Performance Package.  As soon as these two cars arrive we’ll continue development!  Just like other platforms, hard part upgrades and advanced staged Off The Shelf maps will soon follow!

If you’re new to COBB or need a refresher on what an Accessport is, check this out:


Stay tuned to our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and of course this Blog for the latest news and updates!

Porsche Updates – Brake Boosting and Adjustable Launch Control

Porsche 997 Turbo

The most powerful Porsche tuning software available just got better!

Brake boosting and adjustable launch control are now available for 997.2 Turbo Porsches.  Brake Boosting will allow users to build boost for roll-racing events which are becoming increasingly popular.  Adjustable Launch Control offers the ability to adjust Launch RPM to maximize traction when accelerating from a dead-stop.  These features are available exclusively from COBB using the Accessport and Accesstuner Pro!  No other tuning solution can offer these performance features, ease of use, and tuning support.  Simply launch Porsche Accesstuner or Accessport Manager and run updates!